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Botanic gardens Rotunda Performance  ~  Tuesday December 16th

A few spare minutes at the end of our school visit to the Botanic Gardens on Tuesday was an opportunity for the whole school to use the lovely sound shell for a practice of a hymn for Thursday’s end of year Mass.






Football World Cup visits St Bernadette’s

On the 11th of December St Bernadette’s hosted a visit by the FIFA U-20 World Cup roadshow. Star of the visit was Wooliam the sheep mascot of the tournament. This tournament is FIFA’s second largest tournament and has a global television audience of over 170 million. This makes it the fourth largest sporting event in the world, by viewership, after the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics and the Super Bowl. It was a very exciting time for the children and I’m sure that Wooliam enjoyed his time at St Bernadette’s.

Have a look at these 66 photos of the visit to St Bernadette's



Year 6 Community Health Presentation

St Bernadette’s is hosting this year’s  Dunedin Health schools workshop  and children from 6 Dunedin schools will come together to share activities and ideas. The topic of the St Bernadette’s presentation will be on the positive impact of the visual environment on the health of those in the community.                          The Year 6 children began a project by viewing photographs of the street art in Vogel Street.

They also considered other blank walls in the area and contemplated what visual images they would put on these walls if given the chance. They looked at the power box outside the church and wondered what images artists might have in store for this structure. They talked about the beautiful reproductions on the bus shelter outside the school.   Finally they looked even closer to home.  The two sheds outside the senior block adjacent to the new artificial turf area. With the old grass, it was easy to overlook the colourless almost drab exterior, but with the aesthetically pleasing turf  and surrounds, the children are thinking that maybe they could make a difference and make something beautiful and meaningful to enhance the area.



The class intend to make a proposal to the Board of Trustees about a repaint for the shed. Something that will fit in with the environment, be meaningful to the area and the school, and leave their mark on St Bernadette’s, in more ways than one.

Here is a video they have prepared for the Board of Trustees and for the Community Health Workshop.




Artificial Turf Project   October  2014

It’s been a fascinating exercise over the last three weeks to watch the ‘grassed’ area adjacent to the senior block be transformed from a bumpy, patchy surface usable for half the year into a high quality playground surface available 365 days of the year. This has been a joint project by the Board of Trustees and the Home and School Association and the result looks amazing. If you would like to see exactly how the project developed over this period we have prepared a short video for the web site showing how things changed day by day—Just click on the video below. Big thanks to Mike Mason and his wonderful team for their work (Including Peanut the dog). 










Ukulele Designs


 Friday August 15th:  There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a Ukulele Jam, other than strumming along, as the Year 6 children have discovered over the last couple of months. The are 14 different chords to learn, picking techniques, different strums and rhythms, names for different parts of the ukulele, 12 songs to learn to play as well as sing, and most recently a design your own ukulele competition. Each participating school is invited to select one or two designs to enter into a competition on the day of the Jam, the 20th of August. This morning the Year 6 children from St Bernadette’s completed their designs and our two       winners will be chosen on Monday. They made life sized ukuleles and created  unique designs. It will be a very hard decision as you can see from this photograph.



Otago Rippa Rugby Finals July 30th

As we reported in last week’s newsletter two St Bernadette’s teams qualified for the finals of the Otago Rippa Rugby Finals held at the Forsyth Barr Stadium on Wednesday. Both the Year 5/6 team and the Year 3/4 team performed wonderfully and we are very proud of their efforts. To make it into the championships and then make the semi-finals was a real achievement. The children loved the experience of playing in the stadium and representing their school. Special thanks to the coaches, Sefo, Billy and Kara, and to all of the players and all their supporters. Well done George, Daniel, Dallas, Ted, Samuel, Preston, Amalie, Te Atawhai, Nevaeh, Gabbi, Biddy, Ruby, Joseph, Kobe, Manuele, Louis, Damian, Nathaniel, Keisha, Molly, Oceana, Holly, Annabelle and Melina.

 Proud moment for St Bernadette’s children

 Cody, Levi, Tom, Jayden and Sarah from Room 6 won a Radio competition to run out with the Highlanders last Friday night  in their game against the Chiefs! The children met up with 10 other children taken into the changing rooms and given their uniform for the night.  Highlanders shorts, socks and a tee shirt with a number on the back! They were given their instructions on what to do and waited in the tunnel for the players to come out. As each Highlander came out they would grab a little hand! They looked up at the player and off they went! They ran right across the field to the other side and then had their photo taken with the More FM team and the Highlanders mascot. Then it was back to the changing room, a pat on the back and then watch the game. What an awesome experience! The kids were buzzing and they were obviously good luck charms because the Highlanders won! Well done to the five children, a very daunting experience that they handled very well indeed and made their parents so proud.