St Bernadette’s School, Forbury

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We Believe, We Care, We Learn

Special Character:

Prayer Assemblies

Each term classes take turns to present Friday Prayer    Assemblies which commence at 9.15am. Date for these assemblies are published in the Friday Newsletter and in the Calendar on this web site.  The class leads the school in a short paraliturgy focusing on the Religious Education topic being studied at the time.  Parents, family members, parishioners and friends are very welcome to attend.

 Class Masses

Each term individual classes celebrate a special class mass.  On a certain day, advertised in the Friday Newsletter and web site one class attends the 9.30am mass at the Church of St Bernadette and takes an active part in the liturgy of the day.


School Masses

During the year there are special Sunday Masses   where the two schools in the pastoral area, St Bernadette’s and St Brigid’s gathers together for a young schools’ mass. Other special occasions in the Church calendar, such as the feast of St Bernadette, are celebrated in the Parish Church.




Sacramental Programme

In conjunction with the Forbury Parish, the school helps to prepare children for the Sacraments of Penance, Confirmation and First Eucharist.


Progress Reports

· In Terms 2 and 4 written progress reports are sent home with students. These reports show achievement and effort made by the students. The school reports in writing on National Standards twice yearly.

Parent Teacher Meetings

· The first of these meetings is held early in Term 1 provide an early opportunity for sharing information and  expectations for students.  The second meeting is scheduled for the end of Term 2 following written progress reports.  Teachers are always willing to meet with parent/caregivers at any stage of the year at a time suitable to both parties.

Friday Books

· These are work books sent home each Friday. They provide samples of work and an insight into topics currently studied.


· At the commencement of each school year class teachers outline to parents the requirement for homework and an indication of how parents can help in this area.

Friday Newsletter

· The St Bernadette’s Friday Newsletter is published every week and sent home with the youngest member of the family. The newsletter keeps families informed about programmes and happenings at the school as well as providing lists of dates and news of upcoming events.

· Absences

Parents and caregivers are asked to contact the school by 9am if their child will be absent on that day.



Computer Suite

The school has a computer suite with 15 desktop computers which can cater for a whole class at a time.



The school has  purchased a number of IPads for use in every classroom in the school.


Hall / Technology Room

The recently renovated hall is a wonderful multi-purpose area to be used by classes, syndicates, whole school and family activities.


Adventure Playground

Recent years have seen significant playground development. There are two adventure playgrounds, one in the upper, and one in the lower play area.


After School Care

A service is available for children to attend an after school care programme. The service is available for pupils of St Bernadette’s from Monday to Friday, from 3pm until 5.30pm.


Smart Lunches

An organisation called Smart Lunches delivers $3.50 lunches from Monday to Thursday. This lunch can be upgraded to a $4.50 lunch which includes an extra sandwich. Please place orders at the office prior to the start of the school day.

Friday Barbecue

Every Friday the Home and School Association prepare a barbecue lunch for the children. Sausages are available at a cost of $1.50.  Once a month pizza slices ae also available for purchase. Orders are taken on Fridays.


Scholastic Book Club

Each Term children receive brochures from the Scholastic Book Club offering books at very reasonable prices.


· Special Activities:

 · Sports Teams

· St Bernadette’s, through parent and teacher volunteers and outside organisations such as Sport Otago and SwimFX , provides opportunities for children to participate in the following sporting activities:· Rippa Rugby
· Mini Ball
· Gymnastics Club
· T-Ball
· Netball
· Indoor Soccer
· Hip Hop                                                                                                                                                                                            Swimming


· Inter School Opportunities   

·  The school takes advantage of opportunities to work with children from other schools.

· Catholic School Music Festival

· Dunedin South Music Festival

· Ariki Cup Cross Country

· Dunedin South and Otago Athletic Champs

· ODT Spelling and Quiz Competitions

· St Vincent de Paul - Vinnies

Young Leaders' Conference      

Maori and Pacific Festival


 · Local Resources

· Advantage is taken of local resources to enhance children’s learning.

· The Edgar Centre

· Kavanagh College Liaison 

· Otago Museum

· Otago Settlers Museum

· Dunedin Art Gallery

· Caledonian Ground

· Local Supermarkets