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We Believe, We Care, We Learn

Welcome to Room 8

There are 22 children in Room 8 this year and everyone is ready for learning and excited about being a Year 4 student.

In Room 8 it is important for students to get as many opportunities to enrich their learning with a strong focus on the core subject areas, especially Literacy and Numeracy. Programmes catering for students social and sporting needs are also provided.

The children were fortunate to have competent teachers teach them prior to their arrival in Room 8.


Homework is an essential part of Room 8s programme. Assignments are prepared and discussed in class on Monday and the children have the rest of the week to complete 3-4 tasks and have their homework books handed in on Friday for marking. Parents are encouraged to help/support their child to complete homework.

Homework reinforces work that is done in class.


Topic for term 1 is"We Belong.”

Focus is 1. Understanding peoples responsibilities in our Society.

               2. How people make choices to meet their own needs.

               3. Understanding how belonging and participating in groups

                    is important to people.

            4. Understand how we can become good citizens of our society.

                          Class Focus for term 1

Listening and Respect.

                   Religious Education

For the first 3 weeks of term 1 Room 8 will be focusing on Prayer and Charism. From the fourth week of the term we will explore the life and times of Jesus and see how we can live like him by being caring and respectful. Towards the end of the term we will also discuss our Lenten promises and prepare for holy week.


In Maths we are currently learning about place value and addition & subtraction.  In the second half of term 1, Room 8 will working on the Statistic Unit.

                          Room 8s Events for Term 1

Athletics Sports –  25 February

Prayer Assembly – Friday 20 March.

Class Mass - Thursday 26 March

Swimming – 2-5 March : 9-12 March.

Soccer – With Soccer South Coaches – Wednesday 10am – 10:30                     

Pastoral Area Mass – Sunday 22 February at St Patricks.