St Bernadette's School (Forbury)

(03) 455 7408 16 Forbury Road, Forbury, Dunedin 9012

Lockdown procedures will be used to manage the following emergency situations: 

  • Any person in or near school grounds that has a weapon and has shown clear intent to harm others e.g. firearm, knife, etc 
  • An Intruder/s, staff member or a student on school grounds or inside a building with a Hostage/s.
  • For a specific Bomb Threat on school Grounds. If necessary, all personnel will be evacuated to Carisbrook School.
  • Out of control, dangerous animals.
  • A Civil Defence emergency (e.g. hazardous chemicals, explosion, a severe storm, electrical cables, etc) that necessitates secure internal protection of all personnel on site is required. 
  • An off-site situation where the Police or other emergency service have advised the Principal there is an imminent danger to all personnel on site and they require the school to be locked-down.


  1. An automated system is in the office that notifies all classrooms we moving to Lockdown.
  2. Staff members have a list of actions they must take e.g lock doors, windows, shut curtains if available, keep cellphone on their person etc.
  3. Staff and children are to stay as far from the windows as possible - under desks, in corridors (depending on classroom).
  4. Communication will be via cellphone or class phone.
  5. All classes have access to a small first aid kit, bucket for toileting, a supply of energy bars and water for classrooms without sinks.
  6. Parents and caregivers will be notified that the school is in Lockdown through Seesaw, Dojo, Group email and text.  Ongoing communication will be on an 'as and when we can' basis.
  7. For safety reasons parents are NOT allowed to come to collect children while lockdown is in force.

After Lockdown  

  1. All Clear signal will be given by a member of the senior leadership team or member of Emergency Services.
  2. Parents will be notified at the earliest opportunity when it is safe to collect their children