St Bernadette's School (Forbury)

(03) 455 7408 16 Forbury Road, Forbury, Dunedin 9012

All children independently make their way to the school hall as soon as they are dismissed from class. Bags are placed outside Room 7 on, or under the seating.

All children must sign in, under the supervision of a supervisor, on the form provided by the office and must stay either in the hall or the foyer area until 3.15pm when an official roll call is taken.

The following steps will be taken if a child does not arrive at the programme:

· ASC staff will check with the office in case information has not been passed on.

· Parent will be telephoned

· If parents are unavailable, emergency contacts will be telephoned.

· The principal (or person designated to act as the principal) will be informed and local police will be contacted if necessary.

The Supervisor-in Charge is then responsible for following through on children who are not present, or children who have come without official authorisation.  Contact numbers are available in the After School Care folder.

The After School Care roll book must always be taken if supervisors are outside.

When picking children up from the programme parents/caregivers must ensure they park in the designated car park area, which is closest to Forbury Road.  Parents must sign their child out.  A list of authorised people to pick up students is in the After School Care folder.  If an unauthorised person arrives to pick up a child then a parent must be phoned to give permission.