St Bernadette's School (Forbury)

(03) 455 7408 16 Forbury Road, Forbury, Dunedin 9012

The staff / student ratio is 1:10.

There will always be a minimum of two staff on duty at all times. The programme will maintain a number of ‘on call’ staff to ensure we maintain staff/ student ratios. School staff are available to support if necessary.

Children will be in sight and sound of staff at all times when appropriate. They will be informed of the boundaries they are expected to stay in at all times and must inform a staff member when they are going to leave the area to go to the toilet. Head counts will be made during the session. If a child is missing the following procedure will be followed.

· Staff will conduct a thorough search.

· The principal or designated staff member will be informed.

· Parents will be contacted.

· If necessary police will be contacted.

All activities must take place within the confines of the school