St Bernadette's School (Forbury)

(03) 455 7408 16 Forbury Road, Forbury, Dunedin 9012

If parents have any complaints about the programme or staff members, they should:

1. Approach the Supervisor-in-Charge who will attempt to rectify the situation and keep the principal informed.

2. If the complaint is not satisfactorily rectified, approach the principal directly.

3. The principal will keep a record of the complaint and actions that will be undertaken.

4. If the issue is still not satisfactorily rectified then a complaint may be made in writing to the Board of Trustees detailing the grievance and desired outcomes.

5. The Board of Trustees will investigate and give a written account of their findings and recommendations for action.

If staff members receive verbal complaints from parents they should let the Supervisor-in-Charge know as soon as possible, who will then inform the principal.